Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Must Have Button

Baby Boy was getting awfully impatient as I folded two giant loads of his and Darling Husband's laundry.

"When can we go play outside??????"

"When I am done folding all of your clothes."

Insert pause long enough for me to fold two pairs of I-want-to-be-just-like-daddy boxers, three have-seen-whiter-days white undershirts and match you-are-close-enough-to-black navy with black socks.

"Mama? What if there was a button you could press that would make someone else come and do this instead? Can you get someone like that?"

"Yes, sweetie. It is called 'you'."

"Oh. I guess I can wait to go outside then."

"I thought so."

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Big Question

Baby Boy had his 4-year well-baby check up today.

The nurse jumped right in with a plethora of judgmental questions that had me lying quite early in the morning.

"Can he draw a person with more than three parts?" she asked.

"He's a regular Picasso!" (If scribbles in one color count.)

"Can he stack a tower with more than 12 blocks?"

"I think he will be an architect!" (He usually smashes then down by number 7, but I am sure he could...)

"Does he know fantasy from reality?"

We both gaze at Baby Boy who is decked out in full Bat Man garb and who introduces himself as such.

My long pause gives me away.

"He's four," I said. "Does he have to?"

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Wish List for Mom

Our babysitter helped Baby Boy make a card for Mother's Day. It was titled, "The Reasons I Love Mom."

Here is what he dictated:

lets me eat gum for dinner.
takes me to Chuck E. Cheese everyday.
lets me use the oven.
lets me drive her car.
lets me cut down trees.
lets me make fires in the fireplace.

If any of these thing were true, I would win Mother of the Year in the eyes of my 4-year old and a night in jail courtesy of DHS.