Monday, September 20, 2010

Sexy Yoga Nighty

I love love love yoga. If I had to choose, I would probably choose yoga over my husband. (lol...sort of). I went to a three day yoga retreat at Kripalu this past weekend and opted to stay in a dormatory style room--with about 20 other women. I didn't like dorm life in college, so don't ask me what prompted this choice.

(Oh, was DH hovering over my shoulder saying, "Sign up for that room, it is so much cheaper.")

I also love to sleep naked. I don't own any (appropriate) pajamas to speak of. This didn't bode well when packing for two nights when 20 other people are watching you sleep and when the bathroom is alllll the way down the hall.

Not wanting to sleep in yoga clothes, I dug up an old maternity nighty that is leopard print, faded and equals about a 2XXL in real people size.

Very sexy.

During one yoga session we were asked what our "inner animal" is. Not only did everyone spin to look at me but one woman growled and another went "Meeeeow."

Just to prove them wrong, I said I connect most with the walrus.

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