Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Who's on First, Toddler Style

We all know the "Who's on first?" bit that Abbott and Costello made famous.

My son does a new version of this pretty much all day long.

Preface: A few weeks ago we went to a petting farm where the baby goat grabbed Van's shirt through the fence and tried to pull him in. Thus far, this has been the highlight of his two-year life. This is how the conversation goes:

"Babu goat bite you!" he squeals as he pulls his shirt.

"No, honey the goat didn't bite Mommy he bit YOU."

"Yesh! Babu Goat bite YOU!"

"So since he bit YOU, you say, 'Baby Goat bit ME.'"

"Babu Goat bite MAMA!"

"No, silly, not ME the Baby goat bit YOU."

"Babu goat bite YOU!"

and on and on...who knew teaching the finer points of grammar would be such a bite in the ass?

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