Monday, December 20, 2010

Highly Informed Santa

I have been a bad Mommy about Christmas this year. We made a huge deal about Hanukkah, which was like three weeks ago, and now I am over it. We don't even have our tree yet--save for a tiny table top thing I got from Trader Joe's. If Santa is watching, I am so on the Black Coal list--and not even the good coal that turns in a diamond if I sit on it long enough.

So, despite every instinct, I took Baby Boy to the mall to see Santa. I wasn't sure if the sitting on the lap part would happen, but at least he could look and maybe fist bump an elf.

The third store when you walk in our mall is the Apple store. More festive than the North Pole itself, there was a huge Santa in the front window looking at an iPhone.

Baby Boy sprinted to the display. "Oh Santa, Santa..." he cooed. Santa, of course, didn't react.

"Huh," BB said. "Santa busy watching the news." And he turned to go.

I wasn't sure if I should walk him down to the real Santa or let him think Santa was deeply involved with CNN on his Smart Phone.

I chose the latter and yes, I know I am going to Christmas Hell for it.

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