Monday, December 27, 2010

Sexy Skin

We are stuck in a blizzard, which is fabulous since I love to ski. However, after skiing in knee-deep snow all morning, my Jello legs needed some hot tub time.

I don't allow bathing suits in the hot tub, since whatever gallon of soap most people feel compelled to wash their suits in ruins the water for weeks.

So, there I am, naked in the tub when the neighbors, who have not set foot in their condo for TWO YEARS decide to not only show up, but have a shoveling party on their deck. As the 105-degree water began to make me feel sick and I could feel my skin peeling off, my body was screaming to get out. If it was just the woman, I could have laughed about the situation and asked her to turn around. But I doubted the teenage son and father would feel the same way.

50 minutes of scalding hot, bromine laced water later, I think I should have either sucked up the muscle cramps or flashing the twins.

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  1. I just stumbled across your blog. Don't ask me how. Accidently. But, ummm, quite an interesting first impression. I must read on.