Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cat on a Cold Tin Roof

Baby Boy is on Day Four of being sick. So the world world comes to a screeching halt: grocery shopping, errands, personal hygiene. And even though he has a fever, all he wants to do is sit on my lap under four wool I can't even do laundry.

The only thing I have managed is to open up all the windows in his room to air out the germs (no screens in yet).

Neither of us has had more than a few hours of sleep. I finally caught myself in the mirror and shrieked, "Oh gosh I look terrible!"

To this BB replied, "It's OK Mama. At least you smart."

As I turned to process this rather underhanded compliment coming from a three-year old, I see our cat walk by on the roof. Apparently, the lure of open windows in still-freezing March was too much for her to handle.

And it's only 8am.

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