Thursday, April 7, 2011

Angels Amongst Us

When we were in St. Barth's a few years ago, we ended up at this amazing Angel party where everyone was dressed in white with gorgeous wings that were all feathers and silver sparkles.

Even though I had to leave most of my clothes behind to make room, I smuggled a pair of said wings back state-side. I figured I would make an occasion in my life where I would wear these and make everyone squirm with envy. I lost track of them until Baby Boy came marching out of my closet with them on.

"Hey, buddy careful with those! Those are from far away and Daddy said he would never let me go to a place that expensive again." I said.

I looked closer as he posed with his bum stuck out, his hands on his hips and his lips like a fish.

"Why are you standing like that?"

"I'm an angel like in Daddy's books."


Ah, Victoria's Secret strikes again.

Well, with BB's mile long lashes, perfect teeth and cellulite-free thighs, he may be just what they are looking for.

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