Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sexy Recycling

I had ten things on my TO-DO list for the day. After accomplishing two of them , I decided to treat myself to some fabulous new yoga pants (and a dress and a shirt and...).

Since I don't have a boss, I need to reward myself for a job well (partly) done.

My last stop was to dump three giant bags of beer, wine and vodka bottles at the donation bin. This is akin to winning lottery for bums. They get a buffet of returnables (sorry Lions Club) as well as the last drops people leave in all the bottoms.

I was heaving my second bag in when a Mr. Nosey Pants started in with, "Ooo, looks like someone had a wedding." gesturing at the Patron bottle peeking out from an impending rip. This bag was about as awkward as a body rolled in a rug and he didn't offer to help but kept on with his guessing. "Graduation? Birthday party?"

I looked at him dead in the eye and said, "Nope, just a Monday."

That shut him up but not in time for me to realize that my bag of new clothes is now mixed amongst the drippings and chippings of a liquor bin.

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  1. best one eveer..Look him in the eye and say Nope..just trying to work up the nerve to go to confession." (its an old Foster Brooks gag called "ajax Liquor Store")