Monday, July 11, 2011

A Deeper Shade of Gray

You all are aware of Baby Boy's lovey, BA. Over three years of constant companionship, this thing has practically melded itself into the skin on his palm. What was once a lovely, velvety light blue lamb, it now a cross between a dim polishing rag and a frazzled napkin--even after a wash on hot and an anti-bacterial dry.

My niece was here for the day, and come nap time, it was discovered her dad forgot to pack her Ny-Ny (pig). Oh, a fuss ensued.

Then Baby Boy handed her his cloth soul mate and said, "You can sleep with BA, Nenny."

It was one of those moments as a parent when you know you did something right.

After nap, we were practicing colors.

"What color is BA, mama?"

I am sure Crayola has a crayon named for this tepid grayish, brownish hue, but it escaped me.

"BA is most certainly the color of love."

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