Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Mini-Outing

Baby Boy has been sick since Sunday. He had no appetite so it wasn't an issue that we had no food in the house...until about an hour ago when he announced he was finally starving.

If he wanted Champagne and chocolate chips, he would be all set, but I am not about to share my secret stash of 5:30 treats. So it was either give him a mug of Perrier Jouet or head to Trader Joe's.

Luckily, we made it without him throwing up in the car AND there was even one of the kid-sized carts available. Much to BB's chagrin, they are always being used when we go so I grabbed the red metal distraction and, like a superhero, presented it to my sick lamb.

Interest in the mini-cart feigned when we were as far from the entrance as possible. Keeping in mind this thing is about two-feet high, guess who got to push it for the rest of the trip IN HEELS? Guess whose back is killing her? Guess who is SO breaking into the Secret Stash a tad early today?

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