Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Basketball Diaries Week 5

Baby Boy missed the previous two weeks because of the flu. That is the equivalent of missing a day of high school biology, coming back and realizing everyone is ready for the MCATS. While we were absent, the kids learned to run and dribble…at the same time.

“In your final week,” boomed Coach. “You will put together all of the skills and play a real game!”

This was terrifying enough. But then he grabbed a red mesh bag and started rummaging through it. Oh no. Flash backs to gym class dumped over the parents like a Gatorade bucket of seawater. The children took a subconscious step back.


These horrible, never-ever-to-be-washed, germ laden, disgusting items were being chucked toward our kids. Some screamed. Some ran. One lone ranger donned his with pride.

After a warm-up wrestling match to get the Reds and Yellows in their battle garb, the game began.

Every skill that Coach had patiently gone over in the preceding weeks was forgotten. It was every man for himself. Kids kicked and hissed to get the ball. Their hands turned into Death Grip mitts. They flung the ball into whatever hoop was furthest away. They squealed and hit the deck if the ball landed anywhere near them.

It was brilliant.

And even better? Tee Ball starts next month.

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