Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ba Ba Black Sheep, Do You Have GPS?

You are now quite aware of Baby Boy's special love toy, a armless and legless sheep creatively called BA.

The only house rule I have is: DON'T LOSE TRACK OF BA.

Well, today someone peed all over BA at school. Thus, BA had to go to the spa i.e. into the washing machine on the hottest available setting followed by an anti-bacterial drier spin that takes about 93 minutes.

This all before a much needed naptime.

The banning of a urine soaked BA from bed did not go over well.

I promised BB that I would put BA into his bed as soon as he was dry. Since the temperature on my porch was 94-degrees, I laid BA out in the sun to bake--I figured it was faster.

At some point during his sunbathing excursion, typhoon-style wind picked up.

BA is no longer on the porch.

Or the yard or the garden or the trees.

The other option is the lake.

I have a feeling this will be a long evening with a search party (and by party I mean me in the neighbor's woods with a flashlight and bottle of gin.)

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