Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Diva Gardening: The Critter Chapter

Summer 2011: Out with the green nail polish. In with the Green Thumb.

My lovely veggies were finally starting their ascent to the sun despite a month of rain and my general ignorance on how to properly plant something.

"You just need seeds and dirt," I said to DH. "How hard can that be?"

Apparently a cute hat does not a gardener make.

This morning, I was shocked to find all the kale, spinach, cucumbers and peppers not only ripped up from their roots but broken in half.

I gently repaired what I could and envisioned the world's largest salad with the rest.

Then it happened again while I was walking the dog--so he at least was off the suspect list.

My choices here were two. I could pull a Bill Murray a la Caddy Shack, planting myself in the bushes with cammo and a Super Soaker. But, really, who looks good in that color green?

So, I set up beach chairs along the garden with my iPod blasting so they would think I just ran inside to grab a drink and a BB gun. I only hope this sect of critter doesn't appreciate Yo Yo Ma as much as they did my romaine.

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