Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sexy AA

I took Baby Boy to see Stellaluna the play this morning and then out to lunch--it was a lovely date. There is a cafe that has not only excellent food but a play area for kids, a combo as hard to find as rich AND good-looking.

It bugs me however, that despite plenty of open seats in the non-kid area, people will sit next to the toys and then glare at the kids as they do kid things.

Today there were two women in deep conversation on the sofa next to the giant chalkboard, which Baby Boy is obsessed with. He quickly became obsessed with their phones and books that were spread across the table. I quickly became tired of pulling him away from their things and finally decided to teach them a lesson--mainly, if you hate kids, then go away.

He snatched a book from the table and scooted away. One of the ladies screeched out "He took my Alcoholics Anonymous book!" causing everyone to stop mid-sentence and stare at the former drunk.

I guess they need to add a new step #1: Defining Anonymous.

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