Monday, December 21, 2009

Sexy Stocking Stuffer

I was in French Club in High School. In order to raise money for a trip to France (that we were never allowed to go on) we sold Toblerone Candy Bars. For those of you missing out on this bit of bliss, they are triangular chocolate bars filled with honey and almond nougat. Right??

Without fail, I would eat the entire box and it always shocked me when I had to pay $50 for the box out of my own pocket (or whatever I could steal from my mom's purse).

My tight jeans, however, did not lie.

Skip ahead several years. Baby Boy and I are at the gourmet shop by the house and I found a huge bag of mini size Toblerone bars!! I bought them all for "stocking stuffers" but I imagine the only thing that will be stuffed this week are my thighs.

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