Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sexy Snow Day

Sadly, when you are a mom and the radio blares that school is cancelled, rarely that means rolling back into sweet slumber until noon. Kids smell "Day Off" at 5 am and start the day with the gusto of a bride at the Filene's Basement wedding dress sale.

We are suppose to get upwards of a foot of snow today; as of now I gather we are over halfway there. It is so beautiful how the puffs gather in the V's of the limbs like feathery webbing. Absorbing the beauty takes about 4 minutes...I have 8 hours (solid, since Baby Boy has decided not to nap for the past week) to figure out some creative way to entertain him.

I finally dragged the Forbidden Kitchen out of the basement. (It was given to us and Darling Husband refuses to let Baby Boy play with said kitchen. He has never said as much, but I think there is some part of him that really thinks it will "make him gay." ) There isn't even a drop of pink or a frilly gingham apron or hint of Vanilla scent, nonetheless...

For two hours I have been relaxing with coffee as Baby Boy sets plastic cupcakes in the fry pan, sticks small spoons in the pants and his head in the oven. Little Sylvia Plath.

Let the snow fall! I am being served paper pancakes and all is right with the world.

If only this sticks for another 5 hours...

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  1. Oh dear - please assure darling husband a play kitchen will NOT have any affect on baby boy's sexuality. Wait until he gets to pre-school and kindergarten - we've got PURPLE PUMPS and the boys love 'em. :)