Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day Eve--yes, it's a holiday

I spend Mother's Day Eve dropping mad hints about my expectations for tomorrow.

"Well, since I was in labor for 26 hours without drugs, I think sleeping in until noon is fair."

"I will just leave all my cookbooks out with marked pages and you can just make whatever one looks the hardest with the most cleanup."

"Should I be making room in my jewelry box for any large necklaces or tiaras?"

And after all these far-from-passive-aggressive-hints, Baby Boy told me he "would eat chocolate for me all day" and Darling Husband asked what stores will still be open Sunday morning.

At least sleeping all day is free and doesn't need to be wrapped.

Happy Mother's Day to you! You know the world would not work if it wasn't for you!

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