Monday, October 3, 2011

Maybe it's Maybelline

I was away for a lovely yoga retreat over the weekend. When I came home yesterday, Baby Boy had a black eye.

That's a Zen-kill times 100.

Apparently, he and DH were wrestling on the couch and BB fell into the arm with his face.

I was horrified.

"Now everyone is going to think I beat him!" I shrieked.

There was no going around the fact that Mike Tyson and I had to go grocery shopping today. So, I slathered concealer around his eye.

He was so proud that I FINALLY let him wear my make-up he was sharing it with everyone we passed.

"Mommy covers my boo-boo's with make-up," he proudly repeated every 3 feet as I threw cookies in the cart to silence him.

I am waiting for Child Protective Services to pull in any moment if not to arrest me to the black eye but for forcing him to wear a shade that just isn't his color.

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