Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sexy Scrabble

I have taken a few days off of even checking my email--a virtual fast of sorts. It has felt good to not feel strapped to FB updates or constant IM greetings. (what doesn't feel good is seeing 235 messages in my Inbox).
My mother in law is here and she is like a Scrabble professional--I have beaten her twice (in 7 years) and that has made me feel very boastful, especially when I come up with words like Equine on the triple word score.
We played all afternoon and my random letters gave me consecutive words: sexy, horny, breast and ass. As to not make more discomfort e.g every movie we came across on TV last night had some sort of raunchy sex scene in it, I opted for hex, corny, rest and as....I lost.


  1. Ha! You're married and you have a beautiful son - you should have gone with your original words - if you're going to lose, you mine as well get a few digs in while doing it. :)

  2. Ha ha! I once had pubic show up in a boggle board with my inlaws (who are uber religious). Let's just say, I didn't put it down.