Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sexy Flu

Whatever germs decided to vacation in my body and poor Baby Boy's are NOT sexy. So, the best I can do is down lemon and ginger tea and on-line shop...while I am catching up on Housewives of OC and Kardashians. Mindless wasting of time? Yes. But you can't judge a gal who can do nothing productive. I think being sick is nature's way of allowing us the time to do what we did all the time when we were single.

And since I don't want to eat anything, it is a quick diet to get me ready to go to Florida in 4 days.
Bring on the hacking, phlegm (I cannot believe I spelled that right on the first try), chills, aches and fever--I got me some TiVo to catch up on!

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