Monday, March 29, 2010

It's Getting Hot in Here, So Take off All Your Clothes...

Darling Husband, Baby Boy and I were enjoying an early dinner at the pub after skiing yesterday. We were sitting by the fireplace and it was roasting our already steaming souls.

"Aren't you sweating?" DH asked as he pulled at his wool sweater layered over his long john shirt.

"It feels like it is 105 degrees. Why don't you take off your sweater?" I turned away looking to see if we could move to a table away from the inferno.

When I turned back DH was sitting there naked from the waist up, obvious oblivious to his newly found coolness, as he handed Baby Boy crayons.

"Dear God, NO!" I yelped garnering the attention of all the surrounding tables.

Mortified, Dh yanked his undershirt from the tangled mess of discarded clothes.

It got us 2 free rounds of margaritas. Who knew DH had an inner stripper?

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