Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sexy Book Swap

Last year, I ordered a book on Amazon for a graduate class I was taking. I left ordering and reading it until the last minute so it wasn't until it was way too late that I noticed the screw up.

The book had the cover, title, author etc. of the book I purchased, but the pages were a mish- mosh from several adolescent coming-of-age novellas. Someone had put a lot of time and care into doctoring this book for a measly $2.49 profit.

Last week, I ordered some books for Baby Boy. Since I may get sued for trademark infringement, all I will say is that they are about a mouse that rhymes with Daisy. There is one where she takes a bath-my son's current obsession.

I had never read this installment so I am going along and all of a sudden the mouse's friend is up in the bathroom stripping down in order to join her in the tub. I could almost hear the "bao chica bao baooooo" background music start. Had I been duped again with some sicko who gets their kicks from turning innocent tales of friendship into lezzie porn?

Nope. The final page shows the BFF's platonically splashing about. I guess I am the sicko--unless there is a sequel I don't know about...


  1. Lezzie mouse porn... you could start something there...

  2. funny, I read the suess ABC book to my son and W is something about Willie washing Waldo Woo and I think about it being a little bit either gay or pedophilic every time.