Monday, October 18, 2010

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like...

It is October and damn all the seasons and holidays in between now and Christmas!

I don't know why the stores torture us by slipping fake snow into their windows now (under the guise of spider webs) and just leave the damn stuff up all year, elves and all.

Giftmas is never that far from the children's minds, why shouldn't it be from my credit card's either?

Baby Boy and I were having brunch on Saturday when a little girl, about 4, next to us piped up,
"Daddy, I know where Santa lives."

"Where's that, honey?" he was so interested he didn't even look up from his coffee.

"The South Portland!"

In her defense A) her mom may live in South Portland, also where the mall is and B) The North Pole and South Portland are pretty much the same come February.

Happy Hallo-Giving-Mas!

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