Friday, October 22, 2010

Sexy as a $2 Bill...

A few years ago, the strip club in town started giving change in the form of $2 bills--this way, patrons would be forced to tip the dancers more. So, there is a running joke anytime has a $2 bill that they have been to Platinum.

In my every-so-often raid of Baby Boy's piggy bank for coffee money ( I always pay it back,with interest) I found three $2 bills of them wadded to the side. (I guess I am not the only one sneaking quarters now I am??)

An hour later, at Starbucks, I handed them over with the obligatory, "I swear I am not a stripper."

"Yeah, yeah, that's what you all say," the barrista said as he tried to touch the offending money as little as possible.

"Those may have been in a thong, but I promise it wasn't mine," I joked.

He eyed me for a second. "Actually, you do look like you could be one."

Since I was dressed for a business meeting, that was certainly the wrong back-handed compliment to give me. So I stole a biscotti. Boom Chick-a Boom, Starbucks.

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