Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sexy Politicians

Once of the reasons I love living in the country is that we never have to see anyone. And after 7-years, we have trained our neighbors (as lovely as they are) that we dread the unannounced "drop by."

( We like about a month notice.)

So, when I was cleaning up from dinner, the doorbell rang. Darling Husband and I spun around to make panicked eye contact.

"Who the hell could that be at this hour?" he growled. (It was 5:37.)

We froze in hopes that despite of every light in the house blaring, that the visitor/intruder would figure no one was home.


DH fled up the stairs to get some pants on over his boxers and I stood against the fridge in the kitchen's one blind spot.

I heard the door open and Baby Boy say, as politely as any mother could wish,

"Ey-yo. Come on in!"

I was there in a second to see a man running for State Senate handing him a pamphlet.

"Ask him if he's a Republican," I coached my 2-year old.

"You Pelican?"


"Kay!" SLAM.

I guess we have a new doorman.

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