Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sexy Halloween

Our current neighborhood isn't the Mecca of Halloween like the one I grew up in was; people actually bussed country kids in to Trick or Treat on my street. Some years we gave away 400 peanut butter cups (not counting the 200 I single handedly ate, which is why I cannot give away Reese's or I will eat them all).

But this year I was determined to have a real Halloween. So I got us all cowboy costumes. Baby Boy would have nothing to do with his. He even resorted to tossing his boots down the cat door. So, DH and I were dressed like we lived in Montana circa 1860 and Baby Boy looked like he worked at modern day LL Bean.

We got one knock on the door from the 8-year old neighbor who didn't even have a candy sack because, "it didn't really go with her outfit." We walked to the other neighbor's only to get sucked into a chocolate martini party.

But she had a pumpkin full of Reese's, I ate about 45, so all turned out fine.

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