Monday, January 3, 2011

The Coat of Mistaken Identity

DH came home last year with a brown coat. It had a fur collar.

"Thanks baby! I love it!" I squealed when I saw it and grabbed for it.

"No!" DH yelled as he pulled it out of my reach. "It is a guy's coat. I got it for me."


"That was in the man's section?"

"Yeah. It was the only one left." (More likely some drag queen had shoved it back into a random rack once she saw the price tag.)

"Ok, honey. Why don't you wear it out tonight?"

Since, he has been taunted, made fun of and ridiculed by our friends for wearing a lady's coat. I think by this point he knows he is wrong but after months of wearing it, his pride has overridden the gender mishap.

We went out to dinner last night and he left his coat there. When he called today, the hostess kindly informed him that "his wife's lovely coat" would be waiting for him to pick up.

That may cinch the death of his coat and the birth of mine.

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