Sunday, January 2, 2011

Shake Weight...What?

My son isn't a cuddler per se. But something about my BBF's husband, Jay, turns him into a mush ball. Baby Boy is a solid 35 pounds--I can barely carry him anymore. But Jay was being a good sport as BB snuggled into his neck the other day.

After about 25 minutes, as Jay sagged beneath the weight, I asked, "So, is this making your biological clock tick for a son?" (They have twin girls.)

"The only biological clock I hear is telling me to go to the gym and work on my biceps," he quipped.

I didn't show him the outcome of my carrying BB on only one side for the past two years: my left arms looks like I could win a cage fight whereas my right arm looks like a cross between a grandma and a pelican.

Thank god for long sleeve shirts...and the Shake Weight, where fitness and pornography meet.

Here is an SNL link for their Shake Weight parody.

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