Thursday, January 20, 2011

Me vs the Couch

It was one of those, one of those weeks when Thursday and the guilt-free wine session that comes with it could not come fast enough.

Baby Boy went to bed early. I made myself a fabulous salad (don't think I am a banner a health, it is a last ditch effort to lose 5 pounds before going on vacation in two days after a week of pasta, Trader Joe's pizza and chocolate), popped open the wine and threw myself on the couch so excited to watch some Real Housewives.

The problem was that the SCAT MAT we have on the couch to keep the dog off was still on there (it is basically clear so it is very hard to see) and I was zapped to high hell.

"WHAT THE "^&%^*%^*# &^&^(#&^&^@*(@*(*(#&^#!!!!"

Sadly, this scream only confirmed Baby Boy's worst fear that all the interesting, fun stuff goes on when he is in bed.

Guess who is helping me type this? So much for a guilt-free night!!

1 comment:

  1. Oh no! Hopefully you'll get to salvage some of your evening!