Tuesday, February 1, 2011

If We are What We Eat, Then...

This is how the conversation went in the morning:

ME: "Are you eating something? What is in your mouth?"

Baby Boy: "Mshakjhdfs fjmmmmm (swallow) NO!"

ME as I try to pry open his lips: "It is not snack time! I am making you breakfast!" As wet, lumps of chocolately bits splattered onto my bare feet. "Spit the rest out in the trash!"

This is how the conversation went last night.

Baby Boy: "Mama what in yourn mouth? Want in mine mouth, too!"

ME, with my back to him as I try to swallow whole M and M's which are sacred for potty training: "Nothing honey I am just trying not to sneeze."

BB: "No, mama. See you chew! What is?? What is!!!!!!!"

As a blue M and M escaped and rolled over to his foot, I knew I was busted. Then my sweet boy says, "Oh! Good mama. Means Mama peed on potty. Get M-uh-M's. Mama pee more?"

So forgiving at that age...

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  1. AWWW!

    And good job for you- peeing on the potty and all. =)