Friday, February 11, 2011

Stopping the Sugar Bribes

Here is a SAT question that didn't make the cut:

If Baby Boy gets one Hershey Kiss for each time he pees and two for each time he poos in the potty, how many does that amount to by the time he is in college?

Now that he is so good about going in the potty (instead of saying "I have to pee" he says, "I'm getting chocolate!"), how do I wean him off of the candy? My fear is that A) he will regress and start peeing on the rugs we just had cleaned or B) when he is 80 he will be screaming at his nurses, "Get me my goddam Charleston Chew!"

1 comment:

  1. HAHA!

    My little sister used to get three M&M's a day- if she didn't hit one of us. The no-hitting chart was on the fridge, so when she got angry, she would run to the chart, look at how many strikes she had already, and then decide whether violence was the best answer. Charming.