Friday, February 25, 2011

You Know You Are a MOM When...

you use your finger to wipe their noses even when there is a box of tissues right next to you.

you have been caught eating the red Pebbles vitamins from the jar.

you let your kiddo play with Play-Doh on the kitchen floor in hopes the Doh will pick up enough hair and crumbs to save you an hour vacuuming.

your favorite pair of pants are your maternity ones. And your kids are nine.

you force art time just so you can smell the glue.

when you see a mini-van now you understand the appeal (and then go smell more glue).

you have signed checks with a crayon.

you have gone for days without looking in the mirror.

there are no pictures of you in any of the baby books.

screw filet mignon, you secretly wish every night was mac and cheese night.

you still keep the Baby Bjorn potty in your bedroom for your own use. It isn't necessary to walk all the way down the hall at 2am anymore.

you stop looking forward to snow days.

even on date-nights you call your husband "Daddy."

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