Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sexy Judgement of the Day

I was feeling quite benevolent on the ride home so I stopped by the grocery store to buy a case of food to drop at the local no-kill cat shelter. I hadn't given a second thought to how I may be judged by the man behind me until he said, "Looks like you have quite the exciting night lined up."

This is a snapshot of what he saw: a mid-30's gal (who didn't wear her ring b/c it was soaking in Windex at home to remove a month of sunscreen buildup) who appeared single with a large case of cat food, a stack of celeb gossip mags, chapstick, tampons and coconut M and M's.

I would love to say I wasn't wearing my old, disgusting LL Bean flip-flops with chocolate labs on the straps, but yes, I was the complete Old Maid package, awaiting a night with my 40 cats and finally reading how Angie REALLY stole Brad away from Jen.

1 comment:

  1. I say with those Coconut M&M's, you were one hot date!