Saturday, July 17, 2010

Unsexy Outfit of the Day

...and the lucky winner is...ME.

We got home at 2am last evening after a roundtrip in one day trip to D.C. for my favorite uncle's funeral. It seemed easier during booking to make the day-trip vs bringing a two-year old.

We are hideously jinxed when traveling, so our 7pm flight was delayed until midnight and our luggage never arrived.

At 6:30 am, Baby Boy was screaming for DADA. DADA, however, feigned sleep until I finally got up.

We went outside to water the plants and this is how we dressed: BB was fully naked except for his yellow Wellies that are two sizes too big, causing him to shuffle like an 80-year old Chinese woman and Darling Husband's ski hat. I hadn't washed my face b/c my cosmetic case was touring the country, so I am in yesterday's makeup, mascara fully piled under my blood shot eyes, wretched dred-like hair from airport sleeping and a faded leopard nighty from Target that I wore when pregnant. I was also holding an empty beer can that someone had thrown by our driveway.

This is how we looked, standing at the edge of the road, when 25 members of the neighbor's family reunion raced by for their Annual Fun Run.

Welcome to the neighborhood!

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  1. 10 points for the post, but minus 2 points for not including a picture. :)