Saturday, November 13, 2010

Leave Me Alone...

On this unseasonably gorgeous November day (sadly, the sun still said he will set at 3pm), we decided to grab some sandwiches at the local gourmet market for a picnic. While I was at the register, Baby Boy darted between the wine racks. I didn't hear any crashes and I wasn't about to lose my place in line, so I let him roam. (Maybe he was about to find my new favorite Pinot?)

After I paid, I walked around the corner and heard a lady talking to him.

"Hi there handsome. My name is Lisa. What's yours?"

"Nan." (That's what he calls himself.)

"Why, aren't you such a big boy shopping all by yourself! What are you going to buy?"

Then I heard him grunt and in a voice borrowed from Satan he growled, "Go home. I'm pooping."

Ah, lovely. And I hadn't brought his diaper bag.

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