Friday, November 19, 2010


There is a fairly large (and unappreciated) development going in at the end of our road. One PRO to this is that ripping down large amounts of forest involve giant trucks. When the sun sets at 3pm this time of year, any activity that involves sitting in a warm car and keeps Baby Boy occupied for 20 minutes is also a PRO, my environmental inclinations aside.

At least two times a day, I idle across from the site, watching the workers buzz about and operate large engines that ROAR and RIP, and BB stares euphoric from the back seat.

Today, he pawed at the window wanting to say HI to the closest truck. When I put the window down, I saw a group a workers start laughing. They saw me staring, suddenly self-conscious.

"We see you watching us everyday," one called. "We didn't realize you had a kid in the back."

Damn you, tinted windows. Damn you.

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