Monday, November 29, 2010

Picking New Parents

I think after five days in a row of 24/7 family time, Baby Boy is over it.

I took him shoe shopping this morning, (sadly, Mommy didn't have time to decorate her feet for the holidays) and a young kid, Tim, was our clerk. Obviously nervous when a toddler was in his area, he was fun to watch as he fumbled with BB's little feet and passion for wanting pink sneakers. (As in chucking brown shoes across the room and yelling, "Need pink!")

When he was bending down to feel where BB's toe was, BB gently leaned down and kissed the top of Tim's (by the looks of it, not so recently washed) head.

He doesn't even kiss me.

THEN we went to lunch and a very pretty lady walked by. Baby Boy took one look and followed her all around the restaurant. When she finally discovered he was climbing into the seat across from her, I decided to take it personally.

To be fair, she was wearing a fabulous pair of pink boots.

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