Thursday, September 8, 2011

Becoming Unstuck on Stickies

What does it mean that although I have a Smart Phone and an iPad, my house is covered in yellow sticky notes?

I have never gotten into the habit of putting everything into a gadget, because I a) never look at the calendar or b) usually forget to "save" my entry or c) leave them uncharged in a heap on the counter.

My phone died a few weeks ago and, since I never back anything up, I lost everything anyhow. (I had JUST beat the whole first level of Angry Birds, so that was a huge bummer to have to start over.)

I really like the idea of having everything nicely packaged in one tight place, but I think Sticky Notes are my fail-proof plan. Although, Darling Husband recently pointed out that both his 73-year old mother as well as Baby Boy slather post-its on every welcoming surface.

That definitely explains why I went to the store for and "E" made with 17 lines and a prescription for vertigo.

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