Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Green Thumb on Vacation

We took a lovely Labor Day vacation. Thanks to some well-timed flirting with the desk gal during check-in, Darling Husband got us upgraded to the Penthouse.

As I was trying to relax in the room, all I could see were the wilting plants that filled every corner of the massive space.

After two days of watering them, with no more perkiness on their side, I decided it was SUN that they needed to thrive. So I dragged all of the plants out on the deck.

The maids moved them all back. This plant dance went on for sometime. I finally caught the poor lady who was pulling them back to their proper spot.

"I just thought the plants would be healthier if they got a dose of sun," I explained as she mopped up the water spilling from the pots.

"But baby," she said in her Jamaican accent, "these plants are silk."

Guess my Green Thumb was on vacation as well...

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  1. So glad I'm not the only one who would probably do that :-o