Monday, September 12, 2011

Speaking of Boys...

We went to a wonderful music festival yesterday. There were about 100 kids there having a ball--they were all playing together, running, yelping with glee...except for Baby Boy who was quite content eating apples. Or should I say, rummaging through the bins donated from local farmers, taking one bite from each and putting it back in a weird variation of "Slobbering for Apples."

As I dragged him away carrying enough half-eaten specimens to make 45 pies, I commented on a group of little girls who were all playing very well together even though they had just met five seconds ago.

I said as much to the moms as BB bolted away from the girls and back to the apple bins.

"Maybe it is a boy thing," I explained as to why my kid was acting like theirs had fleas. "But he can be around a ton of kids and he is just happy to sit there and play with himself. He just rolls around on the rug, flopping around. He can spend hours just playing with himself."

It wasn't until a while later I could translate the uncomfortable looks from all the moms-of-daughters.

Note to self: Next time, say "Play BY himself..."

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