Monday, September 26, 2011

She Wears it Well...for a Boy

Baby Boy and I are both lacking in cute shirts. Since upping his wardrobe is much easier (and less expensive) to do from the couch at 11pm, I found myself shopping last week. Half-asleep, I found him a few cute things, like a bright green shirt with a huge insect across the front that is screaming, "Beetle Mania!" It really isn't his color and it is a size too big, but for $3.99, it is good enough.

I washed the shirts when they came and forgot about them until it was time to pack up for a trip to the fair. Beetle Mania got dirty very quickly, so I grabbed "Elvis Had Left the Building."

It wasn't how skin tight it looked. It wasn't the pretty robin's egg blue. It wasn't the cap sleeves. It wasn't the look of horror on my husband's face.

It was a cross between the gold accents and how BB squealed with glee, "I sparkle like a STAR!" as he twirled around that lead me to believe it was a girl's shirt.

Thankfully, the dress code at the fair does include people sporting clothes that are way too small, so he was all in style.

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