Monday, February 8, 2010

Sexy Elephant

We took Baby Boy to a restaurant last night and on the way out they had one of those games where you move a giant claw around and try to grab hold of a cheaply made, soon-to-be-recalled, flammable stuffed animal.

He zoomed in on a puffy (ugly, ugly) elephant and kept doing the sign for "elephant" and "more" until Darling Husband dug up some quarters and plopped them in the machine as I sprayed sanitizing gel all over the controllers--last thing we need is that ugly doll AND swine flu.

After a dollar's worth of realizing that toy was waaaay too heavy for the flimsy claw to ever latch on we started to leave. Baby Boy continued throwing his arm up like a trunk and trumpeting like his favorite elephant. I took another dollar out and swore I would be able to get it for him.

45-minutes and $22.00 later, that goddam elephant hadn't moved and Darling Husband and I were about ready to get black-balled for all the swearing and kicking of the machine we were doing.

Baby Boy had lost interest about $8.00 in and was having a splendid time picking chewed gum from the side of the target practice game.

This morning however, Baby Boy was acting like an elephant and pointing to the door and grunting with want.

We are going back to try again this afternoon. I am sure when the elephant sees us he will bury himself deeper into the array of tropical fish and Sponge Bob's while Baby Boy mimics him against the scratched Plexiglass--because as you know, elephants and toddlers never forget.

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