Wednesday, February 10, 2010

UnSexy Color of the Day

We have been skiing for the week and like most skiers, a giant part of the experience is holding your pee. Having to pee as a skier never strikes at a convenient time: it never happens when you are stripped down to the long johns sipping cocoa in the lodge. It happens when you are stuck on the chairlift or at the top of the trail the furthest from the most people just pull over to the side and pee in the woods.

I have become quite adept at balancing behind a tree, on the ice, with ski boots on, poised like a racer so the pee doesn't go into the pants (a definite no-no). Today however, as I was in position to go, I heard hoots and hollars from the chairlift.

Turns out wearing my new bright red ski coat isn't the best choice for stealth woods peeing.

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