Friday, February 19, 2010

Sexy Polygamy--maybe?

I am being a sloth on this Friday and catching up on back issues of National Geographic--so technically I guess that is the most intellectual type of slothing...

The cover story in the current issue is an investigative report on the FLDS ranch in Colorado City. Despite my judgement for all the "godly" reasoning they have for "sealing" themselves to several (albeit underage) wives, I am thinking the idea of polygamy may not be a bad idea.

I could use a wife to do all the cleaning and landscaping, another for the food shopping and preparations, the hot toddy wife for the nights I feel fat or "have a headache," one for being pregnant (as we know that isn't my thing), and one whose only job is comic relief and rubbing my feet (what Darling Husband used to do).

Basically what rich people pay servants for but this is better because I automatically increase my wardrobe by 5--I missed out on all those shoes not having sisters.

With a new group of wives I can focus on being a mom without all the excess shit that gets in the way.

Of course to balance it out, I am going to kidnap Tom Brady for an extra husband--I don't think Darling Husband would get too mad about that...

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  1. yeah, but you'd have to wear your hair in that AWFUL style... and those floor length dresses would NOT look good on you.