Monday, February 15, 2010

Sexy Room Service

Two weeks ago we stayed at a hotel (the same one with the "Please DO NOT use the pool if you have diarrhea" sign) and ate room service for almost every meal.

My son, previously, had the eating habits of a North Hampton vegan (mostly by his choice). Yet after a weekend of mini-pancakes, chicken fingers and giant cookies served on silver platters covered with dome lids he has become the eater I hear moms bemoan in the aisles as they try to cohearse their kids to believe Annie's organic all-natural gummy bunnies are THE EXACT SAME as Fruit Roll Ups.

Since I refused to let him eat piles of sugar for breakfast back at home I reverted to yogurt, fruit and the like. After two days of watching nature's bounty hurled across the floor (and quickly into the dog's mouth), I figured he will eat when he was hungry and ignored the firestorms.

It is amazing at how long a toddler can fast when they want to.

Today at the store I broke down and bought Van's mini-waffles (I still refuse to buy anything with Elmo or whatever fuzzy character they assume sells meals). He was happy until he realized it didn't come under a shiny, round lid.

I won't give in to this. Really....I....won...anyone know a website for room service equipment??

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