Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sexy Spray Tan

Feeling as hungover today as I did on any given Saturday in my 20's (it was our annual summer party last night), I counted down the minutes to nap time. The second Baby Boy's head hit the pillow, I was mentally asleep in the sun.

Zombie-like, I made it into the bathroom closet and picked up the new can of aerosol sunscreen.

It was only after I had doused myself perfectly from the neck down that I realized it was hairspray. And it wasn't even the 3 showers it took to get rid of the extra-hold stick that made me crazy--it was I just bought a super fancy brand and wasted the entire thing. Trust me, if the label said it was even SPF 10, I would have sucked it up and laid out anyway.

I need to go to sleep...

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