Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sexy Van Gogh

My son's name is Van (not after Van Halen as many more people that you would expect ask me. Considering my appearance is quite anti-1984, I wonder what sparks this curiosity. I digress.)

Van, as of late, talks about himself in the 3rd person e.g. "Van do!!!" "Van eat!!!" "Van drive!!" and my favorite, "Van go!!!"

We were at the local gourmet store when he decided to lose patience and freak out to leave.

"VAN GO!! VAN GO!!" he screeched dragging me toward the door.

In order to save some sort of face, I smiled at the people around me. "It's his favorite artist. He just has so much passion for his Arles work."

Not one smile. One older man even quipped, "See Donna. I bet he goes to private school."

Some people really need to lighten up.

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