Monday, April 26, 2010

Sexy Mysterious Snack

My son was being unusually quiet during our 35-minute drive to music class this morning. I knew he was alive because he was rhythmically kicking the back of my seat to the beat of the Can-Can.

After trying to figure out if I could get massage benefits from the kicks, I heard a wrapper being tossed on the floor with a satisfied, "MMMMMM!"

Knowing I had given my son no snacks of any kind, I pulled quickly over and turned to see what I can only hope was chocolate smeared all over his face and hands.

"What were you eating??" I shrieked grasping for evidence on the floor.

He threw his head back in laughter and refused to answer me.

I guess the toddler motto is: Don't Ask, (or Do Ask) Don't Tell.

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