Thursday, April 1, 2010

Unsexy Squat and Pee

I have a small bladder. Driving distances more than 30 minutes is torture; I have to carry Venti cups from Starbucks in the car as literal Porta-potties.

Today I drove to Boston (during rush hour so pulling over was not even an option). On the way home I was bent over in serious kidney failure so I pulled over at the New Hampshire Liquor Store. On second thought, using those scary parking lot bathrooms that God knows who is hiding in waiting to catch a glimpse of unsuspecting panty isn't an option, so I scurried around the building to go in the grass.

There must be a "the minute pee hits the pavement an alarm goes off" system because within seconds a police car was flashing a light onto my Cha-Cha.

I had enough dignity to talk myself out of a ticket (though God knows what it would have been for) but I am sure I may end up on You Tube for this...

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