Wednesday, April 28, 2010

UnSexy Dental Hygeine

Every Wednesday, Baby Boy and I have lunch with Uncle Andrew, or as BB says, Uncadoo.

After surveying the contents of my brother's lunch--large black coffee, corn, Twizzlers and Oreos--and failing to find a theme, I asked, "Are you pretending you live in a Frat?"

"No," he said, shoving two Oreos in his mouth, "I have a dentist appointment at one."

He opened wide so I could see the menagerie of horror stuck in his molars and between his teeth.

"If I go in looking like this they clean me for like an hour and I get to miss more work."

"Or you could just sit in your car and no one would know the difference," I pointed out.

Then Baby Boy shoved a chocolate cookie in his mouth and opened wide for me to see.

Uncadoo laughed. Baby Boy laughed causing a volcano of smooshy, drooly cookie crumbs to erupt across the table.

Oh, what comes from the mouths of babes...

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